Games For Everyone

We care about building a community of people making and playing immersive games.

Our Concession tickets, launched today, have the usual categories for 'student', '16 and under', and 'groups 10+'. 

But we're taking it a bit further with some new categories:

Artist: For an extremely broad definition of artist. Pick this if you make excellent things and need concession pricing. We might email you for a link to your stuff so we can write about it or something :).

Low income: Some places have an 'unemployed' category, but I feel that that's both too limiting, and doesn't really apply to London (where you can have a job and still be broke). Pick this if you're, I don't know, starting up a small immersive games company or something, and need concession pricing.

Other: I think 'other' should be on all forms so it's on this one. We'll probably email you to find out what Other is so we can add it to the dropdown.

We also have super-cheap Local Residents tickets if we're running an event in your neighbourhood!

Making art - and games - and making rent at the same time is an ongoing challenge for the whole industry. I'd love to hear thoughts, comments, ideas and feedback!


Hey there, we're Fire Hazard!

We make high-energy games in the real world, because life should be exciting. Anyone can play. If you're looking for an adventure, come to one of our games!