Citydash Soho 

Pride in London Special

Sun 2 Jul 2017 2pm

Photo credit: Gary Knight

Photo credit: Gary Knight



We're celebrating Pride in London this year with a special version of Citydash! The game will take place in Soho on Sun 2 Jul from 2pm. 10% of the ticket price will be donated to Pride in London, to support the LGBT community.


Your First Time? Here's What to Expect.

So you've discovered us online, you think you want to play with us, but you’re not sure what to expect, and you’re worried you might not be good at it. Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through and show you just how much fun Citydash can be.

People have been looking for things in Soho for years - love, lost memories, themselves - but what we’re asking you to find is much simpler. You’ll be looking for hidden locations and will need to crack cryptic messages in order to find them. When you locate a given checkpoint, you’ll earn points. 

There’s a twist, however: our Citydash guards will be patrolling the area, and they don’t want you to find the checkpoints. If they see you doing it, they will try to chase you away, and they could even steal some of your points. You might have to run, sneak, or scheme to avoid their attentions.  

Having Fun Together

You’ll be looking for locations out on the streets for 60 minutes. Please make sure everyone in your team sticks to times: we’ll have more fun if everyone arrives together. You can play on your own if you want to, but it’s more fun with a team. Bring people you want to play with, or we can find some for you if you book onto a scratch team.

To make sure players can be identified, you’ll need to wear printed IDs which will be given to you at the briefing. You’ll pin these to the front and back of your clothing (so it will help to have a friend who can assist you from behind). However, if you do have any things you prefer not to wear while out on the streets, you can leave things with our stage manager.

Citydash is a very exciting experience, but don’t forget to take responsibility for your own safety when playing in public. Make sure you look after yourself and your team, respect everyone, and remember that this is a non-contact game. Play safe, and have fun!

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Love Happens Here

We’re thrilled to be on the programme of events for Pride in London this year. We'll be creating cryptic clues related to famous (and lesser-known) Soho locations: it's going to be a lot of fun. The theme for this year's Pride in London is Love Happens Here. As games makers, we are strong advocates of fun, fairness, and friendship, so creating an event for Pride is a great way to express our values and support the LGBT community. We're excited to create this special game to bring people together as a community and celebrate our freedom to play outside.