A high-octane London spy adventure!





You are a highly-skilled secret agent. You were successfully infiltrating an enemy organisation near London Bridge, but your cover has just been blown. You only have two hours left to complete your mission. The enemy agents know who you are and are hellbent on stopping you. Can you prove you've got what it takes when the only resort is evasion?

Booking now for Sunday 26th February.

Duration 120 mins

Think Fast, Move Faster

Evasion is a high-octane spy adventure on the streets of London. You'll be racing against the clock to complete your mission, cracking cryptic messages under pressure, and liaising with friendly contacts while the enemy is in hot pursuit. As events escalate, you'll need to prove your worth as an agent in head-spinning circumstances.

Friends in the Field

Evasion is recommended for teams of 3 to 4, though solo applicants are welcome and can be added to scratch teams. You'll be up against other agents competing for the highest rankings on a live leader-board.  This is your chance to release your inner Jason Bourne. Be prepared for an adrenaline rush!

Mission Accepted

We're pleased to announce that the first public tickets are now available for this very special new adventure from Fire Hazard.

Don't miss out! Book now for Sunday 26th February. 

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