Work With Us


Citydash guards

We have a roster of casual staff who help run our Citydash games - we're generally fully crewed at the moment but always welcome new potential crew!

City leaders

If you think you're the right person to head up a Fire Hazard expansion into a new city, Gwyn is the right person to talk to. We can help with the game-running logistics but the marketing is all yours, so we'll want to know that you have the contacts, experience, and time (you can't do this alongside a full-time job - we've tried) to do it. 

G'Day Mate

For anything in Adelaide, Marshall is the person to talk to. In Melbourne, you want Ben

Anything else?

We don't have anything else formally available, but if you love games you could always drop Gwyn a line.

When roles do open up, we'll send them out to the mailing list. You can join below: