Citydash is a fast game of speed, stealth, and strategy - a high-energy treasure hunt. Up to 100 players dash between checkpoints inside a small area of the city, trying to increase their score while keeping out of sight of patrolling guards.

Fire Hazard

We're one of the UK's leading street games outfits, and we've been running, screaming, evading and escaping since 2008. We create brief, intense escapes to a world that's simple, dramatic, accessible, and energised. We connect people to others, and themselves, by memorable moments and larger-than-life exploits.

About the MC role

A Citydash crew is six people - an MC, a Stage Manager, and four guards.

The MC role is a high-energy acting role, the MC is the public face of the day's game.

Arrives with the guards (i.e. no responsibility before game day)
Helps players get set up
Conducts the briefing
Deals with last-second problems (working with the Stage Manager)
Starts the game
Conducts the debrief and awards prizes
Circulates to chat with the crowd, collect feedback, recruit future guards and players, and generally build our reputation.

How it Works

This is a casual role. We'll need you for about three hours each time. You can pick which ones you want to be involved in, but we'd like you to be fairly regular.

It's a paid gig, with rates varying by city. Right now London is £45 per game.

(For charity fundraising games and our free community games, we run without crew or with volunteers only).

Who we're looking for

As an MC, you'll need to be totally comfortable with being in charge of a crowd of up to 100 players, and able to keep the energy high, the game moving, and everybody having fun. And you'll need to be loud - we don't use a megaphone.

We'd be particularly interested in hearing from people who have a background in street games or improvised or immersive theatre.

If you have an interest in designing and building street games, this might be the perfect way to take it further. Fire Hazard has a deep history and some very experienced designers, and we involve all of our crew in tweaking the game design.

What happens next

Just drop Dave a line. He'll organise a free ticket for you to come and play Citydash (if you haven't already) and meet the crew, and then you can sign up as a guard for games as we list them.