Jobs: Raiders of the Lost Archive Actor/MC



We are looking for an MC for a new game that we are running called Raiders of the Lost Archive.

 The game will be taking place on the following dates at 2 - 3:30pm

 Saturday 30th April

 Sunday 8th May

 Sunday 15th May

 Sunday 29th May

 Sunday 5th June

 With potentially more dates to follow. We are looking for someone who is free on all (or most) of the above dates from 1 - 4:00pm. We will be paying £45 per session. This game has two members of crew (a stage manager and MC).

 The Game

 "There are secrets hidden in the museum and we need you; The Raiders of the Lost Archive to solve them.

 Crack the clues, decipher the ancient riddles and race against time to defeat your rival adventurers.

 A high stakes curatorial caper set in the Victoria and Albert Museum in which only one team will become the Raiders of the Archive before time runs out…”

 Raiders is a museum based scavenger hunt game in which teams of 2 to 5 players walk around the museum, hunting down clues and solving puzzles based around the museum exhibits.

 New clues appear on the players phones through the one hour game, leading to different checkpoints, and teams have to find as many of the answers as they can in order to gain points. There is a live scoreboard, but no chasing, or running.

 The game takes place entirely in the museum. The briefing and endgame happen in the museum foyer.

 The Role

 We need an MC to take on the role of a curator, who gives the briefing at the beginning containing a bit of plot and some game guidelines, and the endgame speech giving out prizes.

The character is a 30-50 year old British curator. They can be male or female. The curator is scholarly; they have the fashion sense of a librarian and the demeanour of an adventurer. They have the air of one who can nail both the dewey decimal system and a target from fifty paces. They are theatrical, intense and scholarly. In this game, a museum curator is an adventurer, and the museum is a place of mystery. Despite this being a game with no running, we want people to start the game with a sense of urgency and excitement, which the MC will need to instil.