The Wingback Society

and the Sunken Tea Set

Duration 90 mins
AccessibleYes - see note

Once more, the Wingback Society calls upon its members for an adventure at the Victoria & Albert Museum! In what may be the most important expedition the Society has ever undertaken, you must race the clock and crack the clues to avoid a devastating outcome...

You will have 90 minutes to uncover the whereabouts of the Wingback Society’s lost crockery and return in time for tea!

In true Wingback fashion you should expect cryptic clues, helpful characters, and a live leaderboard. You’ll have to think quickly to avoid ruining teatime forever.

(If you haven't yet enjoyed Raiders of the Lost Archives, that would be an excellent place to start! If you have, it will be a pleasure to see you again.)

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The Lost Levels

The Victoria & Albert Museum is much larger place than you may have had reason to believe. In this Expedition, we will be exploring levels Four and Six, previously unknown to the Society.

The Story So Far

At the end of Raiders, you and your associates were admitted to the the Wingback Society, a group of Lady and Gentleman Explorers known for their curiousity, courtesy, and conviviality. But now the Society is in disarray; their beloved tea set has been lost, and lacking morning tea, all other Expeditions have become impossible.

You have been called in as a trusted member in this time of need. Help the society as they scour the Victoria and Albert Museum for clues. Buried in the long history of the Wingback tea set are the answers you need to find the missing crockery, and save afternoon tea!

Think on Your Feet

Discover the secrets of the lost tea set: crack cryptic clues, explore hidden corners and spot tiny details. React quickly when new clues open up or old ones close. And work together - you'll need sharp minds and sharp eyes for this one!

Let's Do This!

Play solo, in a pair, or in a team of up to five. The Sunken Tea Set is another adventure in our Raiders series - if you haven't played yet, you can begin with any of them!

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The V&A itself is fully accessible, but the briefing and debriefing normally take place in a nearby pub's downstairs room, which unfortunately is not. We'd love to have you come along and we'll do everything we can - all the gameplay will be fine, but you might miss some of the theatrical bits (or we can recap them for your team, on the ground floor). Just drop us an email in advance and we'll get it sorted. 

Kids are very welcome (and get Concession pricing)! There'll need to be at least one over-18 in each team. 

The game takes place in the Victoria & Albert Museum; they're very happy to have us, but ask us to remind you that it's not an official V&A event. Although those are excellent too.