The Team


Gwyn Morfey

Founder / Managing Director

Law + commerce + comp sci at Flinders. Built two small companies and one medium-sized one.  Making games since 2008.

"I'm not even winded."

Likes: Running and screaming.

Inspirations: The Game

Secretly A: Robot from the future.

As a Game Character:
Team Fortress 2's Scout.



Amy Strike

Project Manager/ Game Designer

Designer + stage manager + Literature at Sussex University

"Hats on, goggles down and let's go."

Likes: Running and pouncing. Oh, and cake.

Inspirations: Merrylin Cryptid, House of Leaves

Secretly A: Velociraptor.

As a Game Character: Nuna from Never Alone



Elizabeth Simoens

Project Manager/Live Game Designer

Choreographer + Performance Theory at Trinity Laban.

"Sure. Why not. Let's do it."

Likes: Quietly scheming.

Inspirations: Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Secretly An: evil mastermind.

As a Game Character:
Zelda's Navi.



Marshall Cowan

Director, Australia

Biotech + comp sci at Flinders. Actor, improviser, role-player and Joker.

"WHO?!? Me??"

Likes: Being the centre of attention

Inspirations: Jejune Institute

Secretly An: agent of The Matrix

As a Game Character:
Leisure Suit Larry



Tony Porteous

Project Manager/Technical Designer

Programmer, Engineer and Designer. Spent too long in the video games industry.

"Wait. You're actually going to let me do that?"

Likes: Spreadsheets. Pirates.

Inspirations: Raph Koster, Joel Spolsky, Day9

Secretly A: mysterious giant snake

As a Game Character:

Team Fortress 2's Engineer


Carrie in Chair.jpg

"Let's build a table fort!"

Likes: London, walking, thinking, writing.

Inspirations: Rupert Giles, Sherlock Holmes, Catriona Hartdegen.

Secretly A: Necromancer

As a Game Character:

Sir Daniel Fortesque


Carrie Parris

Marketing Manager

PhD in Creative Writing Research, MA in Life Writing, BA in English Literature, HNC in Applied Chemistry, Slytherin.



Scribbles and Scrambles

Company Mascots

Foraging. Looking adorable. Causing mayhem. Code assistance through cuddles. Wire testing.


Likes: Hammocks.

Inspirations: The Grim Squeaker

Secretly A: Pair of adorable rodents.

As a Game Character:
Assassin's Creed's Jacob and Evie