Excitement forges strong teams.

Use cryptic clues to find hidden checkpoints around the city while avoiding patrols.

Citydash is a high-energy game of speed, stealth, and strategy, played in a quarter-mile area of city streets. A series of cryptic clues pops up on the Citydash app, and teams compete to solve them, navigate to the location, and spot the checkpoint to claim the points.

The twist is that the area is patrolled, and teams lose points if our guards spot them. Players need to work together to maintain a lookout, making stealth and alertness more important than speed.

The live scoreboard adds an element of fierce - but friendly - competition.

We can take your whole team or department at once, at a time and location to suit you.


Quick Facts: Citydash

Location Outdoors, starting near your office.
Players 20-100 in teams of 3-6
Time 1.5 or 2 hours
Activities Clue-cracking
Strategy & decision-making
Keeping lookouts
Teamwork? High-energy cooperation and excitement inside each team of 3-6. Intense competition between teams.
Social? Debriefing, prizes, highlights and mingling in the post-event venue. Drinks & catering packages available.
Cost Around £25pp

Good Company

"The Fire Hazard City Dash was really well organised and executed. Everyone who took part loved it and it definitely brought out our competitive sides! Such a great idea that I would recommend to anyone looking for an exciting team event"
Alex Hope
"Fire Hazard is the best team building exercise, it’s fun, fast and challenging! It is harder than you think running around London, on the lookout for people chasing you, trying to work out where you are and solve clues at the same time. You get to really work as a team, perfect end to our training day and embodies our Run Happy culture."
Katrien Schepens
Marketing Coordinator
"Last week was great! Everyone really enjoyed the game and thought it was very well thought out and organised, so a massive thumbs up from us.  I thought you guys were very helpful from start to finish. It was great that you tailored the game to make sure everyone from the office could take part in some form, we didn’t get a bad review form a single person in the office."
Steven Green
Football Foundation
"A sweaty, runny, crazy affair, City Dash was every bit as fun as Firehazard had promised it would be. It gave us a great opportunity to bond with people we wouldn't normally connect with during the scope of our everyday job and left us with a sense of having accomplished something few people can claim to have experienced: getting chased down alleyways and parks in the center of London and loving every minute of it!"
Jean-François Lappas
Media Campaigns Manager
British American Tobacco
"We were able to use Fire Hazard’s expertise and interactive website to run three City Dash games simultaneously across our major sites, while communicating the key messages around a major marketing campaign. Everyone that took part loved the experience."
Iain Lumsden
Head of Content, Comms and Reputation
Telefonica UK
 "I used Fire-Hazard for a recent team building activity (Citydash) for 40 team members.  Michelle was extremely helpful and explained the options available and booking process in simple terms.  She was always on hand to answer my questions and offer advice.  The activity itself was well organised and ran without a hitch.  The Fire-Hazard team were fun and engaging.  My team thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it certainly made them work together.  I would highly recommend Fire-Hazard and will certainly be using their services again in the future."
Kirsty Salazar
"We organised an evening of Citydash for our team as a surprise - nobody knew what to expect. It was fantastically well-organised, and there was something for everyone: puzzle-solving, local history and moving fast! We were all looking out for the 'guards' even after we'd finished the game, and we're keen to play another one soon."
Stephen Lewis
Your Golf Travel


Antena TV plays Citydash!
Channel Ten's Totally Wild take on Citydash: Escape From Wonderland!


Forging Teams Under Pressure

We believe that excitement, adrenaline, and challenges build the best teams. Citydash creates a contagious energy that gets everyone involved.

Our corporate events maintain the excitement and adrenaline of our public games, but are slightly slower and more cerebral so that they can accommodate everyone.

A Level Playing Field

By mixing cryptic puzzles, navigation challenges, stealth, and movement, Citydash offers everyone a way to win.

We also offer a role for players for whom the physical challenge is unsuitable. “Team Controllers” remain at HQ, in live radio contact with their team, offering navigation hints, assisting with clue-cracking, and relaying patrol positions.

Celebrate Together

We conclude the game with an awards ceremony, calling out teams for clever strategies and memorable stunts, as well as the overall winners. Since everyone has different encounters and experiences, teams mingle to swap stories.

Creative Ideas

We can run our games unthemed, bringing the puzzle-solving and competition to the fore, or we can transport players into another world. We have a stack of themes ready-to-go, or build a new one to meet your requirements. Check out our current themes here

Let's Do This!

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